RPMI Packaging established itself as a reputable direct source of quality packaging equipment from pioneer manufacturers. Our solid partnership with these manufacturers allowed us to consistently provide exceptional products to our clients, guaranteeing quality outcomes and a smooth buying experience. Primary packaging is one of our main offerings, and we have numerous options to ensure our clients find the best packaging equipment based on their requirements.

What is Primary Packaging?

Primary packaging refers to the packaging that comes in contact with the product itself. Sometimes referred to as the consumer unit, its primary purpose is to protect, cover, contain, and preserve the finished product against contamination and other environmental factors, such as moisture, extreme temperatures, and light. Primary packaging is crucial in the food industry and in maintaining the product’s quality, safety, and integrity until it reaches the consumer.

Benefits of primary packaging:

  • Ensures food safety and preservation by preventing air, light, and moisture from affecting the food item’s shelf life
  • It’s an essential element in maintaining food hygiene
  • Protects the product from external factors that may damage it
  • Can enhance a product’s presentation

Types of Primary Packaging We Offer at RPMI Packaging

At RPMI Packaging, we offer a wide range of primary packaging equipment and machines to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Some of the primary packaging options we provide include:

Flow Wrappers

During the flow wrapping process, the product will move along a horizontal line. After that, the industrial wrapping machine will wrap it in film and seal it on either end. Also known as horizontal bagging, pillow-pouch wrapping, and fin-seal wrapping, this system can be used to wrap a variety of products, such as biscuits, chocolates, scratch cards, and other products that must be put into a bag and pushed underneath.

Some benefits of flow wrappers include:

  • Greater variety of packaging types
  • Ideal for heavier products
  • Restricts the product inside the packaging to prevent it from moving around
  • It can be combined with gas-flushing

Bag Sealing Machine

An industrial bag sealer machine is employed in primary packaging operations to close and secure the open end of a bag. Most of these systems work by heating a sealing strip and fusing the bag to create a permanent bond. These can seal packaging with various products, such as granules, powders, liquids, and sprays. Packaging materials it can seal include bags, pouches, blister packs, bottles or jars, cartons, and boxes.

Some benefits of employing a bag sealing machine include:

  • Faster than manual sealing methods
  • Consistent sealing quality to ensure all bags are sealed with the same standard
  • Increased productivity and cut manual labor costs since one person can operate it
  • Withstand heavy industrial use and heavy usage over time

Experience Consistent Quality with RPMI Packaging

At RPMI Packaging, our primary packaging equipment is sourced from top-tier manufacturers who prioritize quality and safety in their products. With years of being a trusted supplier for primary packaging, you can expect incredible customer service and support on top of our reliable products.

If you want to improve your facility’s operation and performance with either an industrial bag sealer machine or an industrial wrapping machine, don’t hesitate to contact us today! You can also request a quote so our team can help you find the best solution tailored to your needs.