Packaging and material handling systems go hand in hand in diverse industries. These systems are designed to move, protect, pack up, and store goods effectively. They are a crucial part of the supply chain process and play a significant role in ensuring all products reach their destination without damage or delay. At RPMI Packaging, we provide a broad range of industrial packaging equipment and material handling systems to streamline your production and packaging applications.

Numerous facilities rely on packaging and material handling to keep their operations running smoothly. From food and beverage to pharmaceuticals, these systems are essential in guaranteeing all products have the same quality when they reach their consumers. These also aid in increasing productivity and reducing costs by simplifying processes and optimizing space utilization. As we work with pioneer packaging equipment manufacturers, we can find a suitable solution to improve your bottom line.

Industries We Proudly Serve

RPMI Packaging represents leading packaging equipment manufacturers and brands to deliver high-performance industrial packaging equipment and material handling systems. We specialize in industrial food packaging machines, all of which comply with strict food packaging regulations and standards.

Our packaging machines come in various configurations to ensure our clients find a system they can seamlessly incorporate into their existing production line. We offer a wide range of solutions for several industries, including but not limited to:

The Food and Beverage Industry

One of our main markets is the food and beverage industry. It’s composed of companies that produce products, such as snacks, baked goods, dairy products, and drinks. With our industrial food packaging machines, product safety and quality are maintained while the operation’s efficiency increases.

These machines can pack a number of food products, such as fresh produce, dairy, meat and poultry, and many more. 

Examples of packaging systems for the food and beverage industry:

  • Flow-wrapping machines: They are ideal in bakery packaging operations because they can handle bread, cookies, and other baked goods with ease. It works by wrapping an item in film and sealing both ends horizontally.
  • Bag closing machines: These systems use heat to close and seal bags, ensuring the contents won’t spill during transport.
  • Cartoners, sleevers, and multi-packers: These secondary packaging systems have three different functions. Cartoners can load and close cartons and trays, while sleevers offer sleeving solutions based on the product’s requirements. Multipackers wrap multiple products at once before loading them into the box.
  • Erector, sealer, and case packer: Erectors form a box while a case packer loads it up with food products, such as snacks. After that, the sealer offers high-speed sealing for rapid turnarounds.
  • Tray forming: Trays and cardboard pallets are manufactured using a tray-forming system to hold fruits and vegetables.
  • X-ray: X-ray machines can effectively scan bulk food products to detect metal, glass, and other contaminants.
  • Metal detectors: These systems scan for metal contaminants and include lead-free shielding, are FDA compliant, and fit with HACCP management systems and retailer food safety requirements. These systems feature high sensitivity and extensive features for the best scanning action.

The Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical labs produce pills and other forms of medication. However, these products can only leave the facility if they are firmly contained and packaged. Our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging solutions allow companies to package their products without risking contamination. They also comply with strict global pharmaceutical standards set by WHO to ensure product quality. We also have quality control systems to provide full traceability and reduce the risk of recalls.

Examples of nutraceutical packaging solutions:

  • Flow wrapping: Flow wrapping gives extra protection and preservation to medicine products. Since both ends are sealed, this machinery can provide an airtight seal for a product.
  • Shrink Wrapping: Bottles, medicine boxes, and other products can be shrink-wrapped to protect them from moisture, dust, and tampering during transport.
  • Checkweighers: A check weighing system ensures that each product is the correct weight and dose. This adds an extra layer of safety for consumers, as well as reducing waste and ensuring product consistency.
  • Metal detectors: Metal detecting is crucial for tablet and capsule applications to detect metal substances. It can provide the highest level of brand protection and compliance in the most demanding pharmaceutical settings.

The Retail Industry

Safe and secure industrial packaging equipment is needed for retail products to ensure that they reach consumers on time with zero damage. Our packaging solutions allow companies to transport their products confidently without worrying about losses.

Some examples of retail products that can benefit from our packaging and material handling systems include clothes, electronics, cosmetics, and home goods. Our systems can handle all types of packaging, from small boxes to large containers. They can also work on a variety of shapes and sizes to safeguard the products while providing effective packaging processes.

Examples of industrial packaging equipment for the retail industry:

  • Palletizers: Automatic stacking and organizing of goods onto a pallet can reduce manual labor and save time, especially for heavy bags or boxes.
  • Stretch wrapping: For pallets containing many products, stretch wrapping machines can effectively secure them by wrapping the pallets tightly in plastic film. It’s ideal for storing the products in warehouses or transporting the goods across different stores.
  • Cartoners, sleevers, and multipacks: Fragile items that need to be packaged together can benefit from these systems. Cartoners can load and close cartons and trays, while sleeving systems provide a protective sleeve for fragile components. Multipackers can wrap multiple products at once before they go inside the box.

Yield Exceptional Results with Optimal Packaging and Material Handling Systems

RPMI Packaging promises unrivaled outcomes through our consistent industrial packaging equipment. These are manufactured with the highest quality in mind so that we can supply solutions that can meet the demands of different industries.

Whether for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, or retail industries, RPMI Packaging has a system that can facilitate the best packaging processes. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of machines. You may also request a quote, and we’ll help you find a system that exceeds your expectations!